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Topic: David Thurlow Anderson

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I'm looking for any info about David, my Uncle. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1934, he moved to Ireland maybe twenty/thirty years ago and last known address was in Dun Loughaire, Northern Ireland. His wife or partners name was Charmaine and we last heard he had two sons.

12 October 2011 13:30
by Lynn

Ask the general registers office -

01 December 2011 10:32
by John

Hi Lynn,

I know you posted this 7 years ago. My name is Paul David Bruce, born 15th April 1963. My father was David Thurlow Anderson. My mother was Anne Woods (nee Mason). My younger brother, also David's son is Alan Lee Bruce. We were both adopted by my aunt and uncle (Rosemary Bruce (nee Mason) and Colin Bruce) when we left Ireland when I was three.

That's pretty much all the information I know about David apart from the information passed on by Anne that he was a photographer, liked fishing, drinking and was married with children several times. I don't think Anne and David were ever married, but I believe he did actually get round to signing his name on my birth certificate. Sorry I can't tell you more. I'd be interested in any information you have on the Anderson family tree as my brother Alan and I have found out very little over the years. My email is Yup, I live and work in Dubai, UAE. This family seems to get around. If you receive this, all these years later, have a very happy Christmas.



22 December 2016 04:43
by Paul Bruce