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Topic: Linen hall barracks,Dublin

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Hello my 3x grt grandpa Thomas Hughes listed his occupation has soldier and address has Linen Hall Barracks Dublin being a soldier in the 17th he married at St Michan Dublin 9/3/1853 to Catherine Davis who gave her address has 99 Upper Church St Dublin and occupation has dressmaker need to know where Thomas was born where was Linen House Barracks and what was the 17th thanks

04 June 2012 19:20
by elizabeth

From anther post elsewhere

"Linenhall Barracks was originally Dublin's White Linen Hall. It opened in 1728 and was the centre of Ireland's linen trade with England. After the constuction of the Belfast linen hall, trade through Dublin went into decline and the Linen Hall closed in 1828 and fell into disrepair. It was taken over by the British army in the 1880's as a barracks and was home to the Royal Dublin Fusiliers. By 1916, it was an administrative post, home only to army clerks. The building was on a 3-acre site, was three stories high and contained in excess of 550 rooms. During the Easter Rising of 1916, the Linenhall Barracks was taken over by rebel forces under the command of Commandant Edward Daly and set alight. Heavy fighting ensued on Nth King Street and the Linen Hall was destroyed by fire. What was left was demolished. "

The 1901 census lists about 211 people living there, mostly women and children. My great grandfather's marriage record and his sister's marriage record show that he, his sister, his father and his brother in-law all lived there in 1883. The location is on Bolton street in Dublin and is currently part of DIT.
The geocode is 53.351318, -6.270663

My Great grandfathers occupation was listed as "clerk to the new gunners" on his marriage record, so I guess that means he was a clerk to the fusiliers. I'm not sure if that means that he had a particular rank or not. if any body knows I would most grateful. In particular I'd like to find out his mothers name, who presumably would also have been living there in 1883.

26 January 2015 11:55
by brad starkie

Hi Elizabeth.
Where Thomas was born..... Absence of his age or mother's name on his marriage record makes that very difficult to pin down, I'm afraid. His father's occupation Farmer could mean he was born in any part of Ireland (or Britain).
Any idea of his approx. age on marriage - or even death?
If he was baptised Church of Ireland, the record may no longer exist (destruction of Four Courts, 1922). Or if record did survive, may not be online.
You could possibly try the RCB Library:
Linen Hall Barracks is shown on the early 1900's map here:,715027,734853,12,9 (You can zoom out, etc).
The 17th Regiment.... Google points to 17th Regiment of Foot, named the Leicestershire Regt from 1881. Unless SKS with military history expertise sees your post here & can assist, I'd suggest you try a military history site. I can find very little on the history of the Linenhall when it was used (temporaily) as a barracks.
Have you tried for Thomas's army record? I'm no expert at all but some showed their birth parish.
On another track, have you tried tracing Catherine's father, David? He was also a soldier.....

Good hunting.
Des White

23 April 2017 20:49
by Des White