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Hi, I am new to this site and seeking help to find information on a Mary Ann Leonard. Possibly the daughter of Michael Leonard. She came to Australia sometime in the early 1850's and married Arthur Carter in Sydney in October 1853. She died during childbirth in 1868. Her death record indicates she was born in Ireland and may have been born c1832. One of the childrens birth certificates, with information presumably provided by Maryann, states she was born in Tipperary. We have been searching for several years, including using professional researchers both in Australia and Ireland without success. Hopefully with new sites like this, there just may be somebody who may have a clue that would help us unlock her past. She may well have been an orphan girl, but research in that quarter has also returned a blank. Have read many of the posts on this site and gleaned other irish website that I will investigate. Appreciate any advice, hints or information. Lyn

01 July 2012 11:21
by Lyn