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Topic: Prison records

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Just wanted to say thanks for the prison records; I unexpectedly found my great great grandfather (3 times in all!) but more importantly these records give a date of birth and birthplace, plus a description. After 12 years of Irish family history, it feels like a big step forward.

04 July 2012 19:48
by Tracey

Tracey, delighted that you found your gg-grandfather in the records Three times you say? What was he up to? Aoife FMP Ireland

13 July 2012 11:07
by findmypast Ireland

Drunkenness and one case of riotous behaviour in a police station. He was in his sixties for all offences, and not a fine physical specimen judging by his description. Still, having looked at some sentences handed out over the years, he was lucky to have three relatively mild punishments!

14 July 2012 13:16
by Tracey