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Topic: Petty Sessions and the Industrial Schools

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The new records are a marvellous resource. I was aware from my grandfather's British Army Service Records that he had been sent to Artane Industrial School. The Petty Sessions records contain details of the applications sending him and his two brothers to Artane and his sister to St John's in 1903 following the death of their parents. A very sad story, not only splitting siblings up but also given the reputation of the schools. The applications gave addresses, dates of birth, admission and release. My grandfather remained in Artane for 6 years. A very helpful resource to piece together the family's whereabouts. Thank you.

24 February 2012 17:34
by mark

We're happy that you're happy Mark. We'll always do our best to add more interesting records.

22 May 2012 16:25
by findmypast Ireland

Where do you find the "Petty Sessions" records?

21 July 2012 17:21
by Heidi

I found 15 different records for my ancestors in the petty sessions. They were good people but had the usual fights with neighbours etc. I was amazed to find all this stuff as I have been doing my family history for about 10 years now. The oldest one I found was for 1854 and latest one 1909.
The summonses included assault ....poaching.....drunk and name on cart........steeping flax in river..
I feel I know these people a little bit better after reading the court cases. I wish I could go back for just one day to see them all.

01 March 2013 07:44
by Anne Richards

Another hurrah for the Petty Sessions!

I found my great grandmother's record in the Petty Sessions as a victim of an assault in the Workhouse. She was unmarried at the time. From this record we were able to find my great granduncle's birth cert under his mother's maiden name rather than her married name as we had previously thought!

09 January 2015 13:36
by Sharon Stevenson