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Topic: An Irish Christmas

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We're blogging about Christmas in Ireland today.

Do you have memories of an Irish Christmas, or do you practice Irish Christmas traditions in your home?

20 December 2012 14:53
by findmypast Ireland

20 December 2012 14:55
by findmypast Ireland

Santa was Santa in our part of the world - Donegal. Never heard the word Santy!
I loved the candles in the windows - beautiful indeed in the dark streets in the days before street lighting. It was customary back then for catholics over 7 and under 65 to have to fast from midnight and I recall people - young and old - walking miles to the chapel in all weathers - and doing it on an empty stomach on unmade roads! We walked from our village to 8 am mass - the chapel was about a mile outside the village. On Christmas Day we visited the Crib after the mass in the church - that was magical with the beautiful baby, Mary and Joseph and the animals, and the three kings and shepherds all in attendance in a straw covered scene. After Santa, seeing the Crib on Christmas day was one of the highlights of Christmas in the 1950's.

21 December 2012 23:06
by Angela Gallagher

thanks so much for the info!
[url=]posters[/url] saying that being Irish for Christmas means drinking are wrong!
even though i had one when i was a student!

03 January 2013 21:33
by daniel ma

Reading your post Angela,took me back.We were lucky,attending the midnight mass and so only starving for the 3 hours prior,and since we had to go to bed early so as to be up for mass it was no hardship.I too loved the crib,and the smell of the fresh hay in the church.And yes we also had to walk down our street and the hill to get there.We had 1 gift given us before the trek and without fail,it was something new in the way of socks,gloves,a new hat oh what treasures.11 of us.This all happened to us in Dunedin,New Zealand.Happy New Year to you all

08 January 2013 22:34
by Biddy

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07 November 2013 12:47
by Julia Mak