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Topic: 1930's Northern Ireland birth records

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Hello. I would appreciate some advice from those with experience of searching records which are less than 100 years old. I am trying to find the birth certificate for my father. I have no contact with any of his family - I do know the names of a couple of his siblings, his date of birth and his date and place of death but that's it really. He was born in the 1930's in, I think, Belfast. I have a feeling from my fruitless searches that there aren't any records online for northern Ireland in the last 100 years - is this correct? I know this is the case with GRONI. If so, what are my options bearing in mind I don't know his parents' names? Am I really going to have to catch my local Manchester to Belfast plane?!! I have found some similar names and dates in Castleblayney (I know this is in the Republic but close to the border I think?) but they don't match up exactly with what I know so...Any advice would be very greatly appreciated.

06 July 2016 16:02
by Debra Christie

A marriage certificate of your fathers should have his father's name on it, so if you know the where and when of his marriage it may provide you with a bit more information. Or if you can track any of his siblings' marriages. Good luck

01 November 2017 16:01
by Ferpo