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Topic: How do you find prison records?

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My uncle once told me that my great grandfather who emigrated to the US around 1896 would travel back to visit Ireland after becoming successful in the United States but was arrested more than once on the charge of running guns for the IRA. I searched the Irish Prison Records 1990-1924 but found no mention of his name. However, the travel and arrests could have been after 1924 or this could just be a family myth. I assume if true there should be a record of it somewhere. How would one research a family member charged with a crime serious enough to warrant incarceration? Also if the charges were true, I assume it would have landed him in prison for a longer period of time but there are no records of him being MIA from America for any significant amount of time.

20 December 2016 00:17
by Fitzgerald

It would depend where he was arrested if it was in the North of Ireland the records would probably be held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast. PRONI. Good luck

01 November 2017 15:56
by Ferpo