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Am Lisa, took to this forum to share my testimony because i never believed in mystical powers until i met Dr Olubade, i was happily married for 15yrs, everything was going smoothly, all of a sudden my man became a monster, moved out of the house and disconnected from all means of communication. At this time my life was a wreck, misery was my only companion, couldn't reach him for 10months. On 7th November last year, i stumbled upon a testimony claiming Dr Olubade helped restore a broken marriage,i finally decided to contact him via the email provided, that was how i started my path to happiness again. First contact was receptive, i explained my challenges, he said my husband was under a spell and he will take care of it and i will be happy again. i received the best surprise of my life, when my man came back home on Christmas eve.
All thanks goes to God for using Dr Olubade to restore my marriage.I advice whoever is having relationship challenges or any other physical or spiritual challenges should contact him via email:

10 January 2017 22:16
by Glafria Batromy