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Topic: Dillon Surname DNA Research Project

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Today there are estimated to be approximately 100,000 Dillons across the world; contrary to what many believe, the Dillon surname is not solely an Irish name and is not of a single origin. For example, although many believe that all Irish Dillons are descended from the Anglo-Norman invader Sir Henry de Leon who came to Ireland with the Normans in the 12th century this is not the case. Whilst some Dillons are indeed descendants of Sir Henry de Leon the surname has multiple unrelated origins with origins from outside Ireland such as France for example and this is supported by the findings to date of this DNA project.

Unfortunately, Irish family history research is often difficult, particularly when attempting to research prior to the 19th century due to many crucial records having been destroyed. In the absence of conventional records DNA has a crucial role to play in research Irish surnames such as the Dillons and enable modern day Dillons to discover their Dillon ancestry and cousins.

To find out more and how to get DNA tested please visit our website ( and Facebook page (

The project was first established in 2005 and we currently have 100 members but are looking to dramatically increase this number and have recently launched the Facebook page and blog and have started publicising the project much more widely.

01 July 2017 16:35
by Sam Dillon