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Hi there, I am tracing the connection between the Torpys of Clare and the Drohans of Waterford and wondering if anyone out there has made any links that would be of benefit. I have traced the Torpys back to where family lore told me they came from. However, I have Drohans on my paternal grandmothers side. This woman came from Waterford originally to work as a servant and when tracing both families I have found on several occasions that a Thomas Torpy and a Thomas Drohan were boatmen together for different regattas etc. Is it possible that an arranged marriage between the two families took place that brought Helena Drohan to Clare and that along the way Thomas Torpy left Clare for Carrick on Suir....I'm stuck and have run out of family to ask now as the last of a generation has passed sadly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am gone back to early 1800s.
Thanks in advance.

05 February 2019 18:12
by Karol McMahon